CEO Maureen Greaves is a social (people focused), spiritual (God inspired) and Systemic (relationally orientated) Entrepreneur, developing the God given VISION of advancing the kingdom within the body of Christ.

The global network of professionals and CEO’s is increasing yet many CEO’s of new and developing organisations remain isolated and frustrated with the lack of collaboration amongst like-minded people. Vision ETC is a place to share, collaborate, connect and join in the conversations with sister CEO’s that want to bring their own vision into existence. Whether you are working for an organization, building your business from the bottom up or just curious to know more, we welcome you to this network.

Testimonies of A Kingdom VIP: 5 Strategies to Write, Grow and Develop your Social Vision

Testimonies of A Kingdom VIP: 5 Strategies to Write, Grow and Develop your Social Vision

Develop your Vision Mission Assignment Purpose Strategy through bespoke systemic coaching, training and continued professional development.


It is my pleasure to connect with you and assist you in developing your vision for your business, relationships and life. Please browse our website and contact me to book your free fifteen minute coaching strategy call to see if we can assist you further.


Bespoke and tailored training for a range of organisations can be delivered. Please contact us for further details or view the events below to join a training session or webinar.

Training events



CPD for CEOs course: Dates start 27th January, 8 pm with a Q&A session. The eight week programme will begin on February 3rd, 8pm.

Our Brand New online CPD for CEOs Course will start with a Masterclass session on Monday 27th January 2020, 7pm.

Full Course dates are: Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th February; 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th March. Please use the website form to apply for the course, discussion forum and eBook using a unique and secure online link.

The course will cover the essential 8 modules for your Business Marketplace, including:

  1. Finding your purpose through business & staying in alignment with your divine assignment: your Unique Spiritual Purpose
  2. Finding the right structure as a start up Business
  3. Money matters & financial accounting
  4. Developing productive Networks, partnerships and collaborations with successful CEOs
  5. Business administration systems and key tasks as a CEO
  6. Leadership development: Lessons On Leadership
  7. Social media & digital marketing
  8. Security and automation systems to increase productivity

Cost is £150 for all eight modules or £25 per module / webinar

This course will be discounted as a one-time only offer!! Register today as spaces are limited.

Maureen Greaves – Business & Leadership Coach (PDF)


AAFT ‘Shades Of spirituality Conference’ 8-9th July. “Selfies of my Soul”. An introduction to spiritual reflexivity as vision. A Systemic Research project using Autoethnography. Bataam Island, Singapore.

Coming Soon

London Networking & CPD events for health and social care CEOs


I am currently conducting systemic research on spirituality, reflecting how our spiritual identity can be used in the workplace as a resource. Being guided by my divine GPS (God Positioning System), I am navigated around my professional, business and life territory as a systemic psychotherapist, supervisor and leadership coach.

I would love to hear your views as a fellow Kingdom academic and visionary, so please contact or join the network and the conversation.


Please visit Mustard seed associates CIC to book or request information about clinical psychotherapy sessions



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